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Specialised plumbing & backflow prevention services

At Northern Rivers Plumbing & Irrigation, we’re proud to provide a range of specific services to the region. We offer specialised plumbing services and backflow prevention work to all properties in the region.

Ensuring your thermostatic mixing valves are in good condition is vital for proper temperature management and to prevent water scalding you in the shower. Our team has many years of experience in testing, surveying, installing and repairing all kinds of valves for your plumbing systems.

We’re also licensed to perform complete backflow prevention work. By installing a correctly designed and fitted backflow prevention device, we can ensure your water doesn’t flow back into the mains supply and contaminate it. Many councils have clear backflow prevention guidelines and mandates and require property owners to maintain and manage this themselves. We’re more than happy to check your system to ensure you meet your legal obligations.

Doing a renovation? At Northern Rivers Plumbing & Irrigation, we have a range of specialised equipment to allow us to easily excavate and reach hard-to-access areas of your property. Our equipment includes:

  • Mini excavators
  • Augers
  • Trenchers

Whether it’s for a renovation or pipe replacement, our specialised equipment is able to get the job done.

Contact our friendly plumbers to find out more about our specialised plumbing and backflow prevention services today.

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